City Tyres understands that football is an integral part of both the local and global society. Arguably the world’s most widespread sport, it plays an immense role in stimulating and driving social development.

For years now, City Tyres’ approach to social responsibility has been carefully structured and planned to both create as well as preserve long-term benefits for the Ugandan society through football and other CSR activities. With the incredible participation of the local community, this thrilling under-14s football experience dubbed, “The Chenga Challenge,” whose 3rd edition was recently officially launched by the Secretary General – National Council of Sports (NCS) Mr. Nicholas Mulamagi ­- strives for antidiscrimination and diversity, social integration, energetic and healthy lifestyle & talent nurturing for the young.

The Chenga Challenge zonal preliminaries will culminate into handpicking the best players to form the zonal select teams for the FOF Regional championship. This in turn will lead to the selection of 11 regional teams, ahead of the National Championships to be held in Moroto from 8th – 9th September, 2016.

This tournament sponsored by City Tyres, kicks off on Saturday 16th  July 2016 at Old Kampala Secondary School grounds from 9.00am to 4.00pm. On Sunday 17th July 2016, the games will be held in Mukono at Bishop Senior Secondary School grounds. The rest of the zonal select teams to play for the FOF Reginal championship will published on City Tyres’ social media pages applicably.

At the end of the final game each day, FREE Raffle tickets will be given out by City Tyres’ team to all fans and the public and a tally made. Lucky winners will walk away with various prizes which will include among others Mountain Bikes and Footballs.

We support this noble endeavor with pride and in the hope that great progress will be realized in the communities that we interact in. Ultimately, the nation will be the winner as football will be continuously enhanced from the grassroots; helping the Cranes make a bigger impact on the world stage. Support from all spheres is welcome. Let’s stand together for an even brighter future.