Correct! Drive into any City Tyres outlet this festive season and get a free 20 point check up on your vehicle! From your oil, to tyres, to suspension and much more, you’ll get the expert advice you need to keep you safe on the road. Here is our 20point checklist:

✓ Tyre Condition

✓ Wheel Alignment

✓ Wheel Balancing / Rotation

✓ Battery Condition / Terminals

✓ Headlights / Tail Lights

✓ Brakes Pads / Brake Shoes

✓ Brake Skimming

✓ Shock Absorbers

✓ Suspension Bushes

✓ Wiper Blades

✓ Engine Oil

✓ Brake Fluid

✓ Gearbox Oil Inspection

✓ Differential Oil Inspection

✓ Power Steering Fluid

✓ Spark Plugs

✓ Engine Coolant / Radiator Cap

✓ Air Conditioning

✓ Air Cleaner

✓ Spare Tyre

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