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What is a RETREAD?

Pre-cured retreading is the generic term for tyre reconditioning. This extends the useful life of a worn out tyre by adding new material to it. Usually, the tread rubber is the only part of a tyre that wears away leaving the entire structure of the tyre intact. Since tyre construction is made in such a way that it is capable of having more than one life, using this potential by replacing the worn out tread makes sound environmental and economic sense. Tyres constitute a fleet's second largest maintenance cost. In some cases, they even take pole position but are rarely professionally managed. We have the latest hi-tech tyre retread equipment from Italy. Our retread plant located at Mandela Auto Zone on Plot 98, 6th Street, Industrial Area - Kampala produces world class retreaded tyres that are equivalent to European and American standards.


We retread tyres of both nylon and steel radials from size 8.25-16 upwards. We also retread radial tubeless tyres of sizes 295/80 R 22.5 upwards including the 385/65 R 22.5 "super single" in addition to repairing all kinds of tyres for light trucks, OTR, earthmovers and industrial tyres. Our retread is made of pre-cured tread rubber from specially formulated rubber compounds which are heat and abrasion resistant. The thick treads are designed to withstand the harshest road conditions. On safety aspects, the wide linear grooves on the retreaded tyre provide outstanding road grip and stability while on economic aspects, our tyre retread provides a very low cost-per-kilometre due to its exceptionally long life potential.


Our retread prices are very affordable and competitive. Our services are closer to you than you think because we offer both collection of the worn out tyres and delivery of the retreaded tyres at your door step!

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